Featured. 400ml Exhibition. Paris.

The 400ml Exhibition. 10.28.08 - 11.05.08. Paris, France. Etablissment Culturel de la Ville de Paris. 400 International Artists have been brought together to use the "400ml" spraypaint can as their canvas. The 400-page Book – 400ml – will be released at this special exhibition next month. Click-Zoom.

Featured. ROJOwalls Poster Series.

This is BIG. Literally. 10 Posters. Each is 5' X 2' (150cm X 55cm). ROJOwalls – Poster collection of 10 original unreleased artworks by 10 of the most talented artists worldwide. Artwork by: Bruno 9li, Neasden Control Centre, Evgeny Kiselev, Catalina Estrada, Dalek, Wagner Pinto, Alexander Egger, Sergei Sviatchenko, MWM, Veljko Onjin. 125 euros.


Buy this guy a pint.

Info & YouTube to cheer you up after the 777 Wall Street Crash.

MWMgraphics.com 2008 is LIVE!

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my Redesigned & Reloaded 2008 Portfolio Website – http://www.mwmgraphics.com*Updated with over 50 freelance projects and commissions from this year across disciplines (All previous work is still featured in 2007 Portfolio Archive). New Vectorfunk Posters, Prints, Books, Tees, and Skateboards in the Shop. Recent Press Clippings, Features, Interviews, and Gallery Bio. And the new MWM Graphics "So, what can you do for me?" Capabilities Section. Surf through and check it out. Enjoy!


Featured. 2009 Calendar. SHIFT Japan.

SHIFT is a web magazine from Japan that was founded in 1997 (That's like 100 Internet years ago). They do their thing really well... all aspects of global culture, design, art, fashion, everything. Every year they produce a calendar that is available online and all over the globe in special boutiques. I have always been a huge fan of Shift Magazine and all that they do, so it is an honor to be included in this 2009 Calendar. どうもありがとう (Thanks Shift!).


ROJO Madrid Show. Reina Sofia Museum.

I am honored to be featured alongside some of my favorite international artists in this new ROJO Exhibition in Madrid, Spain. "ROJO®out at Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum". 10.01.08–10.05.08.
Artwork by: Chet Purtilar, MWM, Diva, Jon Burgerman, Meomi, 310k, Evgeny Kiselev, Tofer, Cristiano Trindade, Jinyoung Shin, Sergei Sviatchenko, Aya Kato, Bruno 9li, Catalina Estrada, Dalek, Neasden Control Centre. Live art by: Ovni, Sosaku Miyazaki, Fupete, Lolo.


Interviewed. Tastemakers Society.

This past summer I had a chance to speak with Manny from The Tastemakers Society. We only had a few minutes, so we decided to do a "one-liner" interview. He threw out 20 words and I threw back 20 immediate responses. A fun format for an interview. TTS is an awesome web-magazine that covers all the bases of culture. Hook up a bookmark and stay tuned. TTSxMWM - One-Liners Interview.


London. LE BOOK Tradeshow.

I am excited to be featured in the Le Book Connections Tradeshow next month alongside fellow AgencyRush UK illustrators. When it comes to fashion/illustration/photography reference books, Le Book is always top shelf. This two day tradeshow also makes stops in Paris and New York. Swing through and get connected.


MWM x ZUNE Originals.

The laser-engraved ZUNE MP3 Player that I designed earlier this year is now available. You can customize your own with options of 5 colors, different sizes, and 3 lines of laser engraved writing on the back. I also designed various full-color versions of the symmetrical artwork that you can download from the site for your Zune screen and desktop wallpaper. Music is a crucial part of my creative process, so it is a huge honor for me to be involved in such a cool project. Thanks Microsoft! Click-Zoom.


Illustration. Entertainment Weekly.

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Entertainment Weekly Magazine on this full-page illustration for a feature article "Fall Music Preview 2008". The illo on the left was my first shot and the piece on the right is the one that will go in the magazine. I am fond of both so I figured I'd share the process. This issue hits the racks this Friday. Another really fun project that celebrates the union of typography and colorful abstract geometry. Click-Zoom.

Unplugged. Part 3.



Tee Design. Camo Critique.

New tee graphic for the good folks at Berlin-based Art School Vets. Having been to a few art schools myself, it was a breeze deciding on a theme. Camo-Critique. Blend into the discussion YO. Click-Zoom.


Interviewed. XFUNS Magazine. Taiwan.

I am honored to be featured in this month's issue of XFUNS Magazine (from the makers of IdN Magazine in Taiwan). Top-notch. This beautifully designed publication showcases and interviews top global design studios, animation magicians, and illustrators. Click-Zoom. MWM/XFUNS Interview transcript at bottom.


From the vault.

During the studio move last week I discovered a few copies of currently sold-out B/W Bangers Volume One & Two. I still have a few copies of Three & Four for sale in my Online Store. Some people feel the first two series were stronger, as they were very graphic with just black ink and no greyscale. I personally feel the evolution to watercolor is more interesting. I still haven't fully decided what B/W Bangers Five will be, but I am looking forward to working on the new series this winter. If anyone is interested in buying a 1234 Set, shoot me an email. Preview: MWM B:4 - B:3 - B:2 - B:1. Good times!

Lobstah Dinnah.