AUX & BENZI. Logo explorations.

Designing logos is one of my favorite design projects. There are so many things to consider... It must work as a one-color mark, it must be legible (even when printed very small), it must have a powerful presence (even when printed very large), it must capture the vibe of the organization it represents, and most important... it must be unique and memorable. Over the years I have had the honor of exploring identity marks for dozens of clients. Everything from major corporations to dj's to fashion labels. Each is fun for the different reasons. My process for generating ideas for logos is like 12-gauge-birdshot... I aim in the direction I want to go, but try and spread out as much as possible within that window to create a bunch of options. These logos are some of my favorites from recent explorations for AUX (Rock) and Dj Benzi (Hiphop). Click-Zoom.